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Welcome To The London Dominatrix Academy

Welcome to The London Dominatrix Academy, formally known as the "London Mistress School". I am Mistress Josephine, a practising and established London Dominatrix. The London Dominatrix Academy offers a genuine opportunity to train how to become a professional Dominatrix/Mistress.  This rewarding career offers many benefits, being your own boss, working the hours you choose and earning good money quickly. Train to be a Dominatrix/Mistress and realise an opportunity you never realised existed.

The London Dominatrix Academy offers you complete training and a total package of business set information, including where to work from and how to promote yourself. The lessons give you the insight on how to become a Dominatrix/Mistress and the chance to work on a willing slave to master your skills. This is a one to one training as this is always the best way to learn. This is a unique course, very different to just sitting in with a Dominatrix while she works with a client. I offer you hands on training which is invaluable with a model that can give you genuine feedback as he is not a client who is looking for his session.

This is an Global Organisation and I welcome anyone wishing to train from abroad. I have worked with ladies and couples from America, Norway, Japan, Italy just to mention a few. This is a career that sits well worldwide as the desire for domination is in all cultures.

You do not need any qualifications and age is not important, so long as you are over 18. It is all about learning how to role play in an exciting, fun and challenging way. Being a Dominatrix/Mistress requires imagination, confidence and good communications skills. There is no better way to learn than through personal training with someone highly skilled and experienced. 

Try something completely different that works for you on many different levels. Remember you are your best asset. Learn to be a Dominatrix/Mistress at The London Dominatrix Academy and take control in a way you never thought possible.










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